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"This was a great family activity and really engaged our 7-year-old in a positive and unexpected way. Our family learned more about each other while brainstorming creative ways we could use our gifts to help others."

- Josh & CoCo -

Hi change-makers!

👋 I'm Karin, a creative solutions enthusiast... and I’m passionate about helping people of all ages find creative and meaningful ways to make a difference. ❤️

Sixteen years ago, my husband and I chose to raise our two children internationally, and sought out ways for them to learn about themselves and the world around them.

I’ve worked in a variety of contexts and in roles that have led me to serve change-maker families, like working as a English (ESL) conversation teacher, curriculum writer, communications director, China educational travel coordinator, service learning coordinator, executive coach, international education association director, NGO board member, and more. (I’ve been around for a while!😂)

In 2021, my daughter Elena (妹妹, MèiMei, which means “little sister” in Mandarin) and I decided to combine our passions and help other change-maker families to serve their neighbors and become global citizens today.